“THINK BIG and then do absolutely NÜSCHTE”. News Satire and the Climate Debate 

Kapitel skrevet sammen med Sune Auken i antologien: Genre in the Climate Debate, februar 2021. 

Abstract: The chapter discusses how ACC is represented in news satire, and how the genre may affect climate change perception. News satire is first a humor genre, primarily intended to make people laugh, and any impact news satire may have on the ACC debate is dependent on this laughter. Based on an examination of a wide selection of news satire sites and video channels, the chapter identifies and discusses the most common types and targets of news satire on ACC. In general, climate deni- alism and public inaction relative to climate change are the primary targets. News stories satirically representing public figures, particularly politicians, as passive and in denial of climate change are also relatively common. Towards the end, the chapter moves to discuss the impact of news satire on climate change perception. News satire often presents a grim outlook on the future of our planet leaving little space for hope. At the same time, however, news satire allows for a perhaps more bearable emotional response to such hopelessness by inviting recipients to laugh at the ACC denier – a ridiculous figure regularly included in the news stories. News satire moreover tran- scends false balance issues in mainstream media and consistently confirms the reality and severity of ACC, thereby highlighting the importance of climate action.

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